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Sound Recording, Mastering, Production and Manufacturing


Please call on 01704 264720 to talk through your project.

From microphone to packaged product we can help. If you have the Audio or Video we can Master / Author your recordings for CD and DVD. We now also offer website design and trnasfer service.

Online distribution uploading service.

We offer a bespoke service to ensure you get the quality you expect.

Location Recording
CD Duplication
audio cassette duplication
Video Recording and Editing

Location Recording

Acoustic, Jazz, Folk, Chamber and Orchestral

Package deals to include recording, mastering and package design.

Optical Media

CD Compact Disk / DVD Digital Versatile Disc

A wide range of packaging styles. We can duplicate small quantities or press larger orders through our Technicolor partnership.

Analogue Media

Audio Compact Cassette

Altogether its over ten years since the major’s put there product out on cassette the indie market still cherishes the cassette often linked with downloads.


LP/Single Transfer and Remaster

We can take a vinyl record clean it up and transfer to 24 bit master file.
We can supply as MP3, WAV and or Mastered CD

Audio Visual

Photography and video recording for products and services.

We now have a lot of experience in making short videos selling or describing products and services.

Location Recording

Mobile Studio

We have a mobile recording set up using Tascam Recording kit and Audio Technica microphones. Specializing in live Acoustic, Jazz, Folk, Chamber and Orchestral music. We can set up in just about any location to record to a very high quality.

Our Tascam 24 bit Location Recorder delivers outstanding audio clarity.

For every aspect of Sound Recording, Mastering, Production and Manufacturing we can help.

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Sounds Good Ltd 41 Liverpool Avenue Southport PR8 3NP

Give us a call to discuss your project.

01704 264 720

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