Audio Compact Cassette Duplication

Sounds Good has its roots in Audio Cassette Duplication and, years later, we are one of the few UK companies still active in this area, offering professional high speed digital bin duplication with a wide choice of packaging options.

Rumours of the death of the audio cassette have been greatly exaggerated. Although not as visible in mainstream music applications, the cassette is still dominant in the talking book and corporate sectors. With over 40 years in the business, Sounds Good offers you.

  • Expert digital mastering & professional digital bin duplication ensures optimum sound quality
  • In-house design and print for your packaging – with short-run laser inlay option for small quantities


Clear Czero with Ferric Audio Cassette
Audio Cassette White, Black or coloured Czeros
Audio Cassette White Czero
Audio Cassette Case in Black and Clear with or without pins
Audio Cassette Case Black and Clear
High Speed Duplication for the best Audio quality.
Audio Cassette Duplication Slave
After recording the tape is wound into the Cassette.
Tapmatic 2002 Audio Cassette Duplication Winder
The Cassette shell often refereed to as a C-Zero is manufactured without any tape inside.We stock Black and Clear but sometimes have other colours.
Cases come in Black and Clear or Clear. We can no longer get double side by side cases but can make up back to back Butterfly cases.
The audio is recorded onto ‘Pancakes’ of cassette tape one after another the measure 3 kilometres long. This is done at high speed on a very stable base.
The pancakes of tape are then placed on a loader. The cassette shell itself comes with just the leader tape. The loader pulls out the leader tape, splices on the programme from the Pancake and winds it into the shell.
Colored Czeros Audio Cassettes

Audio Cassette Duplication Technical Data

Maximum Running Time:
We can produce cassettes up to C90, i.e. 45 minutes per side. Longer tapes, although technically feasible, are not recommended as there may be playback problems on some decks due to the sheer physical mass of tape in the shell.

Audio Cassette Master Formats:
We can master from all common formats, i.e. CD, CD-R WAV file, AIFF file, DAT, MiniDisc, ¼” reel to reel or cassette.

Artwork Formats For Packaging:
Our prices assume that you are supplying press-ready PDF/X-1a files. These must conform to our dimensions and specifications, available from our office. We have a fully comprehensive artwork and repro department, so we can design your packaging from scratch, or prepare press-ready CTP files from artwork that you may have on disc already.


Artwork Templates

Cassette Inlay Outside

Cassette Inlay Inside

Cassette Label