Mobile Recording Studio

Mobile Recording Studio working with Acoustic, Brass, Choral, Chamber, Folk, Jazz and Orchestral music.

Package deals included Mobile Recording Studio, photography and packaging design.

Prices range from around £150 for a recording of a concert depending on location and around £250 per day. Each recording includes a CD with a basic mix which can then be subject to further mastering. All RAW recording files are available for you to mix as you please.


 Let me give you a quote just email or pick up the phone. 01704 264 720

The Englefield Trio, Recorded at Kasteel Amerongen – Mobile Location Recording in Holland

Montgomery Holloway Music Trust

The critically acclaimed Montgomery Holloway Music Trust was founded in 1996 by the late great Jazz singer, Marion Montgomery and her husband, the renowned pianist, composer and arranger Laurie Holloway. Mobile Location Recording in Laurie’s home near Maidenhead.

Montgomery Holloway Music Trust
Wonderful project working with Nick Shipman in a variety of locations to produce this solo Clarinet album. New York Counterpoint was overdubbed against a timing track. Around 32 tracks were combined to create this thrilling interpretation of Steve Reich’s classic. Other multilayer performances includes Philip Glass and Gavin Bryers

The RSO’s first professional CD release: Saint-Saëns’ witty musical animal portraits are introduced by humorous poems written specially for the RSO. It makes an ideal gift for children and adults alike!

Carnival of the Animals

Hans Zomer Baritone With Nick Shipman and Stefan Hofkes

Hans Zomer
Recorded in Houdan France one of the best provincial choirs in the country under the direction of François Legrand.
Choir Hommes
A story of Ed and his wife Kitty Wilkins in 1916, Ed’s volunteering for Kitchener’s new army and his journey to the Somme. The story starts and finishes in the present day, with a strong message of Remembrance for today’s generations. A one act play of around 65 minutes in length, eleven original songs linked together through a storyline of either narration or acting.

Heroic Hearts
Starting in 1973 I kitted out a van with a TEAC 4 track tape deck and one of the first Allen and Heath 16 into 8 mixing desks then went on the road recording gigs in venues around the country- from small pubs like the Nags Head in High Wycombe, to The Rainbow in London. In 1975 it found a permanent home in Reading to house one of the first 8 track studios outside London. Here luminaries from many genres recorded and rehearsed their material. Notable names included New Seekers, Brotherhood of Man , XTC, Van Morrison, Vinegar Joe, Jasper Carrot, Fred Wedlock, Stadium Dogs, The Vibrators, Joe Brown and the Brothers, Kenny Lynch, Bamber Gascoignet and Rowan Atkinson to name drop just a few….

Throughout the ’80s I concentrated on post production and manufacturing with Sounds Good.  With the advent of digital recording DAT became the standard for masters. I developed a system with Nimbus (now Technicolor) that allowed CDs to be mastered direct from DAT rather than the very expensive Sony 1640 tapes that were then in use. This allowed Sounds Good to become one of the bigger names in manufacturing, Sounds Good still works with Technicolor.

Since 2008 I have been returning to my original love of recording using modern digital methods. Preferring the traditional methods of stereo recording but not afraid of the gentle use of equalization and compression  where necessary to ensure the listening experience matches the live performance.

Let me give you a quote just email or pick up the phone. 01704 264 720

Audo Cassette

24 bit 96khz Hard Disk recording using Adobe Audition with Focusrite A/D Coverters

A range of Moving coil, Capacitor and Ribbon Microphones

Inputs and outputs using Focusrite with 18 digital inputs or our Tascam HS-P82 8 track. For some jobs we can just use the H4

Genelec monitors on location and mix down give a very clean sound to monitor on location and mix down. Easy to set up on location.

Working in Schools. Martin has a full DBS check which is available for inspection on request.