Video Streaming of Weddings.
Capture the moment and share it on live stream

North West, Manchester, North Wales, Southport, Preston, Liverpool and Lancashire.

Recording & Video Streaming Weddings

We Attend the Rehearsal.

Recording on the day.

Personal Wedding Webpage

A personal web page to provide details for your guests.

Recording & Video Streaming Weddings

Unobtrusive recording of the wedding ceremony. 

Multiple Cameras

Placed in discreet locations.

Watch the Video from the guest perspective.

Allow your guests to feel involved.

See The detail.

After the ceremony, we edit the video to show the details.

Recording & Video Streaming Weddings

Our service provides an unobtrusive recording of the wedding ceremony. We are not running around poking cameras in people’s faces, nor are we to be seen sneaking around during the ceremony distracting the guests. We place discreet hi-resolution cameras in key spots where we can capture the occasion without intrusion. We will see the guests arriving and leaving the ceremony performed and any performances that are included from soloists and or choirs. We will place a microphone on the celebrant to capture those magic words and discreetly placed microphones to record musical contributions.

Personal Wedding Webpage

We can add details to your personal web page to provide details for your guests on location,  timings, and present lists. Add the link to your invites to keep everyone updated.

Our wedding package is just

  • Including Attending the Rehearsal.
  • Rehearsal Recording on the day.
  • Website.
  • Editing the production.
  • Providing the programme on your website.
  • Download Button
  • Extras included DVD and Blu-ray Discs.

Our LiveU Solo combines up to four connections (Mobile, Wi-Fi and LAN) and leverages a unique video transmission method – LRT™. This allows you to deliver rock-solid content in practically every scenario – on the move and in remote or crowded locations.

Sounds Good Wedding Video

Wedding Live Streaming

Wedding Videography

Wedding Audio and Video.


To go live we need to have an internet connection via broadband or mobile signal.  We use LiveU technology that splits the video signal into smaller sections and sends it via EE, Vodaphone, Three, and O2 this ensures we get a good high-resolution HD 1080 video stream If there are connection issues the LiveU system is adaptive to adjust for a lower data rates. We record the service too so after the event we can upload a high-resolution video if the live stream is compromised.

The Process


  • You receive an internet URL that you can share with those who want to view it. Please note that if the link is shared on social media, then anyone can watch it.
  • If the venue is new to us, we will arrange a visit to check the technical issues.
  • We turn up on the day around an hour before the ceremony to set up equipment.
  • The live stream usually starts 15 mins before the ceremony begins. Viewers initially see a title screen, shortly after that the screen goes live as people file in, the sound goes live at the start of the service to avoid overheard chatter. The stream stops as soon as the congregation disperses.
  • After the recorded version of the service is uploaded you can still view the service on the same link which will remain in place for a year, or terminated earlier if requested.
Funeral cameras
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