Video Streaming of Funerals.
Church, Crematorium and Graveside Ceremonies

During COVID we have had a big demand for Funeral Videography.
North West, Manchester, North Wales, Southport, Preston, Liverpool and Lancashire.

Funeral live stream video in church
Funeral live stream video by graveside
Funeral live stream video in crematorium

Video Streaming of Funerals.

COVID has brought a new realisation that private Video Streaming of Funerals. Friends and family can witness a funeral by having the Funeral Service filmed or streamed. It may be that some family members and friends are unable to attend due to ill health, living at a distance, maybe overseas. Maybe you want a record of all the shared memories and tributes of the day as part of a celebration of a loved one’s life and accomplishments.

Whatever the reason, we provide a discrete view of the service that celebrates that person’s life.

We strongly believe that the art of Video Streaming of Funerals is about capturing the love, compassion and generosity shown by those who attend.  It’s our job to capture those moments discreetly. Allowing family to watch the service online.

It is available to view as it takes place and remains open for view for three months, longer or shorter periods by arrangement. The video can also be downloaded for you to archive as you choose.

The funeral live stream captures the event as it happens from beginning to end. It may subsequently be edited to include material that was perhaps shown during the service.

All of our streams are now on our OBIT streaming service.

Our LiveU Solo combines up to four connections (Mobile, Wi-Fi and LAN) and leverages a unique video transmission method – LRT™. This allows you to deliver rock-solid content in practically every scenario – on the move and in remote or crowded locations.

Two cameras, one wide-angle to cover the venue and the second to provide a close-up of celebrants, hosts and speakers.

The price starts at £195.00 for a one-hour session.


Your video is hosted on a private server accessible from a dedicated webpage to which we can add other information like Orders of Service and Giving and Donation details and links.

Travel and mileage are charged at £0.75 per mile (round trip) from our studio in Ainsdale.

DVD / BluRay Discs charged £30.00 for the fist disc then  £5.00 per additional disc.

Downloads free of charge

Two cameras feed into our Blackmagic swicher

Funeral Live Streaming

Funeral Videography

Funeral Audio and Video.


To go live we need to have an internet connection via broadband or mobile signal.  We use LiveU technology that splits the video signal into smaller sections and sends it via EE, Vodaphone, Three, and O2 this ensures we get a good high-resolution HD 1080 video stream If there are connection issues the LiveU system is adaptive to adjust for a lower data rates. We record the service too so after the event we can upload a high-resolution video if the live stream is compromised.

The Process


  • Make your booking direct or through funeral directors. If the booking is direct, you must ensure you have permission from the venue.
  • You receive an internet URL that you can share with those who want to view it. Please note that if the link is shared on social media, then anyone can watch it.
  • If the venue is new to us, we will arrange a visit to check the technical issues.
  • We turn up on the day around an hour before the ceremony to set up equipment.
  • The live stream usually starts 15 mins before the ceremony begins. Viewers initially see a title screen, shortly after that the screen goes live as people file in, the sound goes live at the start of the service to avoid overheard chatter. The stream stops as soon as the congregation disperses.
  • After the recorded version of the service is uploaded you can still view the service on the same link which will remain in place for a year, or terminated earlier if requested.
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