Live streaming for events, meetings, weddings and funerals.

Live streaming of Ceremonies


  • We also recorded the video on-site in case there are internet connection issues. If there is an issue the ceremony recording and uploaded immediately after the event. Therefore a high-quality video is generally available within an hour of the ceremony.
  • The ceremony is also available as a download, DVD or Bluray for the archive.
  • The site can be pre-inspected to check for internet availability.
  • The cameras are discreetly mounted to give the viewer the same perspective as if they were in attendance.

Our standard setup is 2 cameras One wide-angle to cover the venue and the second to provide close up up celebrants, hosts and speakers.

The price starts at £150.00 for a one-hour session.

Travel and mileage charged at £1.50 per mile from our studio in Ainsdale as a single trip.

DVD / BluRay Discs charged at £22.50 plus £2.50 per disk per order.

Downloads free of charge.


  • For a live stream – we need an internet link. The quality of the viewing experience will vary depending on the available upload capacity. Lower bandwidths will reduce the resolution of the video, but the audio will be clear.
  • Internet connection – This can be by direct connection by cable to the router, wifi available at the venue or mobile data link. We carried 3G, and EE sim cards, however, we must get a good signal strength. If you get 4 bars on your mobile phone, we should be OK. Our Router/Dongle can be placed near a window or outside on a mast for better reception.
  • Connection – Before the ceremony, a dedicated internet address, to be sent to viewers in advance.
  • Viewing platform – This will be a non advertised YouTube private channel. Only those people who have given the link will have access.
  • After the ceremony – The video will be viewable for one year or until you ask it to be removed. A file copy can be supplied as a download and for a small extra charge DVD or Blu-ray disks provided.

The Process


  • Make your booking direct or through funeral directors. If the booking is direct, you must ensure you have the permission of the venue.
  • You receive an internet URL that you can share with those who want to view it. Please note that if the link is shared on social media, then anyone can watch.
  • If the venue is new to us, we will arrange a visit to check the technical issues.
  • We turn up on the day around an hour before the ceremony to set up equipment.
  • The live stream usually starts 15 mins before the ceremony begins. Viewers initially see a title screen, shortly after that the screen goes live as people file in, the sound goes live at the start of the service to avoid overheard chatter. The stream stops as soon as the congregation disperses.
  • After the recorded version of the service is uploaded you can still view the service on the same link which will remain in place for a year, or terminated earlier if requested.