PA Hire for Events, Conferences and Parties

Free delivery and setup in Southport, Formby and Ormskirk areas.

Your message is important to the audience, ensure they can hear it clearly.

We specialise in small compact systems with minimal use floor space.

Wharfedale Titan

 Large PA 1500 watt

Our PA Hire system is ideal for conference venues of up to 1000 delegates or clubs, house and garden parties.

From mics to speakers, cables and stands, everything is high-quality. Safely installed on no trip mats to protect equipment and your audience.

Our mixing desk is designed for their flexibility inputs for Wired and Radio Microphones as well as sound and projector feed. Our PA speakers give a clean crisp clear sound.

Having a great-sounding PA system means that your message is clearly delivered to your audience.

Our PA Hire services include:

  • Sound Engineer
  • PA speakers on stands x 4  Wharfedale Titan 400W RMS / 800W Program / 1600W Peak
  • Wedge monitor x 1 Wharfedale EVP-X12M  250W RMS / 500W Program / 1000W Peak
  • Side  fills x 2 Carlsbro 12 inch
  • Mixer Yamaha MGP16x Analog USB Mixer with compressors, EQs, and SPX digital effects gives us 10 Mic Channels
  • Microphones Sennheiser E853 and Shure SM 58
  • Direct Injection boxes  and mic splitters
  • Amplifier 2Kw Europower  EP 2000  2 x 1000 watts for main PA
  • Amplifier 4 x 250 watt Interm QD-4480 to drive wedge monitor and side fills
  • All delivered and set up for you to use or with an onsite Sound Engineer to manage the system during the event.

Wharfedale Titan

Speakers on stands for smaller venues.


Stacked Wharfdales pack a good punch for larger venues and outside events.

“We’ve picked up many great comments, directly and indirectly, about how good we sounded, so thanks again for that.”



Mixing desk to combine audio sources.

6 x Wired Microphone
2 X Wirless Microphones
1 x Projector AV connection
1 x Music

Radio Microphones allow presenters and singers to move around.

We can record your events for you to archive or mix with video to produce an online presentation.

Radio microphones can be used with lapel mics or link to other audio equipment in the room.

Sure microphones are the industry standard for presenters and singers.

You don’t need a DJ for your party!

Just connect your phone, tablet or computer for great party sounds or just add a little background music to your event.