VHS File Transfer

VHS Tape transfer

Video 8 and Hi8

Mini DV

Specialists in transferring
VHS, Hi8 and Video 8 and Mini DV videos
to DVD, USB and File.

It’s not just a transfer; we also clean up the picture and sound quality at no extra charge.

Revive Your Vanishing Memories with Our Expert Video Transfer Service

Relive the cherished moments captured on your VHS, Hi8, Video 8, and Mini DV tapes with our comprehensive video transfer service. Not only do we seamlessly convert your nostalgic footage to DVD, USB, or digital file formats, but we also meticulously enhance the picture and sound quality, ensuring your memories shine brighter than ever.

Our Bespoke Transfer Process

Each transfer is handled with utmost care and attention to detail. We meticulously load your tapes into our professional editing suite, where we meticulously clean up the image, balance the sound, and remove any distracting elements from the frame. Whether you prefer a single, cohesive file or a segmented collection, we cater to your specific needs.

Preserve Your Memories in a Digital Haven

Once your video has undergone our signature enhancement, we deliver it to you in a convenient and versatile format, allowing you to cherish your memories for generations to come. We provide free downloads of your remastered videos, making them readily accessible on your preferred devices. For added permanence, we can also transfer your files to DVDs at an affordable price.

Embrace Affordable Preservation

Our video transfer service is designed to be both accessible and affordable. We charge a modest fee of £25 per running hour, with a minimum charge of £25. Additionally, we offer free downloads of your remastered videos. DVDs from the finished file are available at £10 for the first disk, and £3.50 for additional disks.

The Ultimate Video Preservation Solution

Whether you’re reclaiming childhood memories, preserving family milestones, or capturing life’s precious moments, our video transfer service is your gateway to preserving these cherished experiences for years to come. Let us transform your vintage tapes into digital treasures that will forever hold a special place in your heart.