Small and Large Volume CD and DVD Duplication

All our discs are now 600 dpi Thermal printed and basic mastering is included.

CD in Slimcase

D-Pac or DigiPak

CD in a Digipack

Template CD in a D-Pac or Digipack

D-28 digipack CD 4pp with 1 tray

CD-DVD-Disc PDF       CD-DVD-Disc Photoshop PSD

CD in Paper or PVC Wallet

The CD Slim Case


The CD Slim case is the most cost-effective packaging for gigging bands. Look good but is inexpensive, and you can carry twice as many in the same space. Great for street and touring musicians.

Including 4 page booklet, thermal printed CD and protective wrap.

50    £2.74 each 

100  £1.94 each 

250  £1.74 each 




We are more than happy to talk through all aspects of your project from the technical issues of recording and mastering through to the look and feel of the packaging. We work closely with Sarah Love our graphic designer and creative director who can bring her skills to bear on the packaging turning your ideas into realty.

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Basic Mastering, (Levelling, Balancing between tracks, CD Text and ISRC codes) is included free of charge.

Mastering, or audio post-production, is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix into a format that ensures that sound played out through the customers hifi is as you intended in the studio. Tracks may be combined and leveled to improve the continuity of the production. CD Text can display artist details on CD players and ISRC codes added to ensure your recording attracts appropriate royalties when played on radio and TV.

ISRC Codes are obtainable from PPL

International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs) are an internationally recognised system to identify recorded music tracks and music videos.

Duplicated Discs

For smaller runs up to 500 or larger if quick turnaround is an issue we take high quality CDr and DVDrs and burn the tracks on to them individually. The CDr are silver so it is almost identical to a pressed CD. Playable on all but the very oldest CD players. The disk is then printed with an ink jet process which uses Ultraviolet drying inks that won’t wipe off. Or we can use our ‘Precision Laminate’ system where the image is printed onto an acrylic substrate before bonding to the surface of the disk.

All discs are error checked as they are copied followed by a visual inspection prior to packing.

Our Laser printed paper parts then packed into  cases and over-wrapped to keep them fresh.

R-Quest Duplicator

Pressed or Replicated Discs

Glass Mastering is the first stage in the  disc replication process. The Master disc content is transferred onto a glass substrate known as the ‘Glass Master’ in order to manufacture discs by injection moulding. CD Stampers are used for the injection moulding of process.

Printing – Once pressed the discs are printed either by a screen printing process where Pantone colour matches are required or for picture discs a white background is screen printed on to the disk before conventional CMYK litho printing.

Raw CD with Colour Label

  1000  £0.34p

CD In Jewel Case with Booklet

1000 £0.59p

DVDr  in case with wrap

 1000 £0.74p

Quality Is Everything!

All our pressed CDs are through our partnership with Techncolour With whom we have worked since the inseption of CDs in the 80’s. Originally with Nimbus that moved and evolved from Cwmbran to Poland.

Technicolor is the world’s largest manufacturer of Blu-ray and DVD products, offering end-to-end supply chain management services to Hollywood studios, independent content owners, game and software publishers.

Our services include content preparation, disc replication, finished goods distribution and transportation connecting directly into the Technicolor production control we can upload directly into the glass mastering suit and then track production through the factory and out to the client.