So why are funeral videos such poor quality? Loved ones spend a lot of money to make an occasion of the funeral from the choice of the coffin to the flowers and decorations in the church. People dress for the occasion and prepare for a celebration on an otherwise sad occasion. Some cannot attend in person so a video link is an answer but often these links are a little better than a security camera or a cheap mobile phone. The viewing experience is poor, lacking detail, sound quality low, and contributions often go unheard. And… if there is any pre-prepared audio-visual material on the screen it is not seen at all! And often it’s on a low-grade internet connection that further degrades the presentation.

OBIT is Sounds Goods funeral streaming service.

OBIT makes better funeral videos

Here are nine good reasons why:


  1. We use at least two cameras to give a clear view of the celebrant and a wider view so the viewer can share moments of reflection with the congregation.
  2. We bring our internet connection that does not rely on the local wifi.
  3. The video image is a full 1080 HD.
  4. Multiple microphones so the sound is clear.
  5. A videographer who manages the quality.
  6. A private page for viewers that can include the order of service and other giving details.
  7. The video remains in place for a year.
  8. Free download link when requested.
  9. After the live stream, the video is edited to smooth the flow, and audiovisual material shown in the church is added to give a clear view.

This is a live stream recording we made recently.

Stan Hagan,

And a nice review too

‘Can I first say what a great job you did! Please feel free to use my comments. You could also add that the picture and   sound were both very high quality!’ Russell Hagan.

Dorothy Ashcroft

And in this video, you can see how we combine additional imagery in the edit to make this into a true memorial.


We are aiming to make the funeral videos a better experience for all.

Call us on 01704 264 720 and let’s talk through how we can help.