CDs are still the best way to profit from your music.

Whilst downloads make you a few pence per track, selling a CD will make you pounds. Making a batch of just 100 CDs and selling them on gigs for a fiver is going to net you nearly £350!

Whether it’s for profit, or a give away, the cheapest presentable option is the CD in a slim case with a double-sided colour insert. If you respond to this email promptly quoting ‘Sounds Good Slim Case Offer’ we will make you 100 CDs for £150.

CD Printed in Colour in Slimline Jewel Case with Double Sided Insert and Protective Wrap.

100 CDs in slim case with double sided inlay for £150
inc. protective wrap from your supplied master and artwork.

And we include Mastering…

Sounds Good has a range of CD and DVD options for small runs and for larger runs we work with our manufacturing partner, Technicolor Poland, where we feed masters and artworks directly into their production line for Glass Mastering, Pressing and Print.

Did you know we also do Graphic Design, Print and Websites working with Sarah Love as the Design Consortium.

Basic Mastering, (Balancing between tracks, CD Text and adding your ISRC codes) is included free of charge.

Mastering, or audio post-production, is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix into a format that ensures that sound played out through the customers hifi is as you intended in the studio. Tracks may be combined and leveled to improve the continuity of the production. CD Text can display artist details on CD players and ISRC codes added to ensure your recording attracts appropriate royalties when played on radio and TV.

ISRC Codes are obtainable from PPL

International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs) are an internationally recognised system to identify recorded music tracks and music videos.

Designing artwork for discs and packaging FAQ

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