Sounds Good – Audio and Visual Recording, Production and Manufacturing

CD & DVD Duplication. Audio Cassette Copying.

CD and DVD Duplication for smaller runs and pressing through our partnership with Technicolor.

Location Audio and Video Recording.

Location Recording
CD Duplication
audio cassette duplication
Video Recording and Editing

Location Recording

Acoustic, Jazz, Folk, Chamber and Orchestral

Package deals to include recording, mastering and package design.

Optical Media

CD Compact Disk / DVD Digital Versatile Disc

A wide range of packaging styles. We can duplicate small quantities or press larger orders through our Technicolor partnership.

Analogue Media

Audio Compact Cassette

Altogether its over ten years since the major’s put there product out on cassette the indie market still cherishes the cassette often linked with downloads.

Audio Visual

Photography and video recording for products and services.

We now have a lot of experience in making short videos selling or describing products and services.

Location Audio and Video Recording

Martin Maynard has been working in the recording industry since the early 1973 when we operated the first 8 track outside London. Our studio then called Sun and subsequently Audiogenic. Concentrating on the greasy end of the music business, physically making cassettes and CDs until the decline set in after the turn of the century. Emphasis has now moved on the recording, mastering and video editing.


Looks Good too!

Packaging is as important as content so  Sarah Love our Graphic Designer is an important element in our product mix. Not only for CD and DVD cover design but also titling and visual effects used in video editing and CD authoring.

In house design studio where you can sit down with Sarah to sort out the visual aspects whilst Martin works on the mix and mastering.

Sarah Love Graphic Design

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  The Professional Recording Association. Location Audio Video Recording